Sports massage therapy


Improve your performance & speed up the healing

Sports massage therapy is one of the most powerful tools an athlete can make use of to improve their performance.
All treatments include a consultation, home care, and training advice as well as a cup of herbal tea that will aid in your recovery.

Lymphatic Drainage


The most enjoyable way to rid your body of toxins

The lymphatic system works closely with your immune system.
Due to stress, illness or diet, your body might be overwhelmed with the toxins it has to process.
Lymphatic drainage manually moves the lymph back to the lymph nodes where it will be processed and the excess water and toxins will be expelled.
Special oils, teas and the use of vacuum cups will ensure best results.

Four sessions within 10 days will change the way you look and feel. The appearance of cellulite will be reduced, your waist and limbs will be slimmed and your skin will be more radiant.

Holistic massage therapy

It’s all about the balance.

Holistic massage therapy is designed to balance body and mind.
It helps clients to reduce their stress and anxiety, among many other ailments.
Feel like you are taking a little holiday with a special blend of oils and doze off while the stress melts away.
Each session includes a short consultation and herbal tea to ensure best results.


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